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Houdbaarheid compounds/polish middelen


Detailing trainee
30 nov 2021
Ik heb een 10 tal jaar geleden van auto finesse de revitalise kit aangekocht. Doorheen de jaren de compounds verschillende keren gebruikt. Nu is het opnieuw enkele jaren geleden dat ik ze gebruikt heb en vroeg mij af als er eigenlijk een "houdbhaarheid" staat op deze producten. Sowieso scheiden de componenten zich als ze een tijdje blijven staan en blijft er bovenaan een waterachtige laag staan. Voor gebruik schud is deze zeer goed en lang en lijkt alles terug normaal te zijn.
Mag ik ervan uitgaan dat deze producten eigenlijk "oneindig" houdbaar zijn?
Van het Dodo Juice forum:

We sometimes get asked how long our products last in their containers, before they should be thrown away.
It's a tricky one, as storage conditions, ambient conditions and actual usage are huge variables - and all play their part in shelf life or product longevity.

The basic rule is that anything containing a solvent is going to expire when the solvent is substantially lost. So if you keep a wax with the lid off, it is going to last weeks or months. But a wax kept in a sealed ziplock bag is going to be fine a decade later. Remember that few containers are fully airtight... although they don't need to be. The surface area exposed to air will be the deciding factor in how fast the solvent disappears. A bottle with a narrow neck will show less solvent loss than a wide mouth jar.

The volatility of a solvent plays its part. Water isn't very volatile, but IPA is. So leave Lime Prime with the cap off and it'll be fine for weeks. But you'll find your Red Mist evaporating heavily, especially on a hot day.

Separation or 'clumping' of products with a high solids content can occur. Polishes are often the classic offender in car care terms and if you have ever seen paint that's gone solid on the bottom with a runny amber liquid above the crust, you'll know this effect. Sometimes stirring or shaking helps. Sometimes the product has changed too much. But regular use of a product is always good and a little shake does no harm, even if it may not be necessary with nicely suspended solids.

As for accessories, use is critical - as is maintenance. Some microfibres and mitts last for years FOR SOME PEOPLE. Other people find the same products last weeks at best. It depends how aggressive you are with the product and how well you maintain it. Leaving your foam machine polishing pads soaking overnight in detergent and then ripping them off the backing plate unsympathetically, before stopping them off the panel (where momentum tugs the backing away from the foam) is not a recipe for long lasting pads. Fully natural wash mitts are very finickerty. They can't be too wet or too dry. Regular use is best. Even then, a year is a good innings for them.

Here's a little guide to expected lifespans and shelf lives:

30ml mini jars (panel pots)
SHORT TO MEDIUM (these should be used before 12 months for best results as the small amount of wax has a large surface area and the container isn't airtight). Put it in a ziplock bag to extend longevity. But 30ml is enough for 6 months to a year of waxing at most, so these are not long term waxes.

200ml-500ml jars
MEDIUM TO LONG. The solvent is a slow evaporating type. Keep away from extremes of temp, sunlight and especially high temps. They sweat solvent more in high temps. The container is not airtight. We reckon 2-5 years longevity, but you could double that in cooler climates if the lid is securely on and the wax isn't used much.

MEDIUM, these tend to be water based and not very volatile. They may separate and need a shake, but clumping should not occur. 2-3 years would be anticipated, assuming the lid is on.

LONG, these should last for 3-4 years. They have no solid particles so can't clump and they are water based. Do not let them freeze. Keep them away from sunlight or the dye may fade, if the product is coloured.

SHORT TO MEDIUM - these tend to be volatile and have a high solids content. They will often cure in their containers if not used. Some very volatile products would need to be used within 6 months. We would suggest products of this type are used within the year and certainly kept away from extremes of temperature. Ziplock bagging them is a good idea.

MEDIUM TO LONG - low solids, low evaporation rate, water as a solvent. These should last for 3-4 years. Again, keep away from extremes of temps and direct sunlight.

MEDIUM - if kept in a sealed or semi-sealed container (doesn't need to be 100% airtight but helps if it is) these should last 1-2 years. The solvent isn't volatile at all. But they can still dry out if they get too hot or if leeched by detergents. Never leave a clay bar soaking in a lube. They are more likely to be chemically decomposed than by just being left in a container.

SHORT - 6 months to a year is doing well. These need to be regularly used; a constant wet>drying>almost dry>wet cycle is best for them. Being left wet is bad and becoming totally dry is bad. If you get more than a year out of one, without any moulting or unstitching, you should become a shepherd. You have the knack.

LONG - 2-4 years. Sponges will feather if used on rough surfaces (grilles etc) but a synthetic mitt is hardy and will not moult. A much easier proposition if natural mitts are too prone to self destruction for your liking.

MEDIUM - plush microfibres tend to last a little less time than standard short pile types. But they can be washed and rewashed, and often tumble dried, with no ill effect. If drying towels lose absorption, dry clean them. They will simply be soaked in water repellent silicones etc and need a thorough solvent clean.

MEDIUM TO LONG - 2-10 years or more. This depends on use (or abuse). A body shop angling a rotary and using it 12 hours a day could get through the brushes (wear item) in 6 months and kill the machine within 18 months. A hobbyist will see a decade from one, with maybe brush replacement after 2-3 years

Bovengenoemde had ik al een keer gepost in 2012, maar ik vermoed dat het anno nu niet veel anders zal zijn.
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Reactions: Pter
thx. Ik heb zonet eens alle middelen (compound, polish, glaze) heel goed geschud en de polish en glaze zien er terug goed uit, echter blijft er bij de compound een gedeelte water en een deel klonters dat niet meer wil oplossen. Deze zal dus voor de vuilbak zijn. Met de polish & glaze durf ik het nog wel aan, ik zie geen verschil en ze zijn steeds bewaard in droge en koel omstandigheden.